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Save me by Asiimwe Hajarah, Uganda

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Why does my voice echo in pain?

Why do you let me be there?

Why rip my heart with scarred thoughts?

I bleed... Red blood.

I feel through my skin down to the deepest nerve

I am a best friend, a sister, a mother. I am human for crying out loud.

And you let me fall down to your ruthless acts.

I can hear you... So well. I don't need to be awakened by a hot slap.

I don't need to punched right in front of the innocent generation because you wouldn’t want your daughter to be treated the same way. I am a daughter too

Do you have to pull my hair and drag me on the floor to make your point clear?

Is that really necessary?

Should we also do that to you? Of course, no... Because it will pain

Then why put me through the same pain? Huh?!

Did you really need to bang my head on the wall? I am not a drum

I am human and a woman... with a heart

You are my protector,

My refuge,

My comfort.

You are human and a man... And not a devil.

You have a heart

You bleed the way I bleed... Red blood

You scream the way I scream.

I can stay awake the whole night. The reason shouldn't be you.

You shouldn't make me miss out on love

I have shared mine and so should that be your essence.

Be the reflection of my perfection.

Be my better half.

I know this society is a good place... Only if you cleanse your heart.

End the beatings

End the molestation

End the trauma

Because I am your reflection. I am your woman.

I am your mother, your sister, your best friend, your daughter, your wife and I am you.


Thank you for your generous support for the ICW Young Women's Media Team.

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