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Young Advocates Social Media Teams

ICW recruits younger or emerging advocates and activists living with HIV and those from key populations and builds their advocacy capacity through a structured program that builds advocacy skills and provides a critical public platform for the media team to engage on issues of critical importance to them.

 On Human Rights Day, concluding 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, we demand:
  • Right to accessible healthcare respecting sexual and reproductive rights.

  •  Responsive services addressing gender-based violence impact.

  •  End HIV criminalization, combatting stigma and discrimination.

  • Rights-based approach to tackle poverty, violence, and discrimination.

  •  Women's leadership crucial for change—invest in women-led initiatives!

  • A world where every woman and girl lives free from violence and fear.

 ICW works to dismantle root causes—nothing for us, without us.

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Fos Feminista shared with us their advocacy campaign for effective SRHR action plans, offering a valuable insight into effective strategies for leveraging social platforms. Discover more about their impactful work at Fos Feminista's Website.

IPPF's "Treasure your Pleasure" Campaign and Digital Strategies explored the impactful "Treasure your Pleasure" campaign to delve into their broader digital strategies for addressing specific issues. Learn more about this compelling initiative at Treasure Your Pleasure.

Media Team Session Highlights:

IPPF and Fos Feminista

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