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Chapter of Young Women and Girls

CYWAG enables young women to be able to address the challenges they will face throughout their advocating journey through leadership opportunity trainings as well as workshops and sensitization sessions on human rights, women’s health and rights and feminism.


Why CYWAG Is Important

The empowerment and involvement of young women in leadership continues to be the core priority for CYWAG. While ICW along with partnering networks will continually advocate for the health and rights of women, it is crucial that the young women themselves are involved and play a central role in the sustainable development of CYWAG through decision making opportunities.


As the first international Chapter for Young Women, Adolescents and Girls, CYWAG provides the opportunity for young women to be decision makers at all levels, advocates, activists and leaders and not just seen as victims or service recipients. It also allows for young women to talk to each other, make connections and share our unique experiences.



  1. Do you identify as a woman under 30?

  2. Are you living with HIV?

Being part of CYWAG will link you to other women like yourself from all around the world that want to be agents of change and make the world the one that they want to live in. Please reach out to or

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