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Building Our Movement:
What is the ICW Feminist School?

The ICW Feminist School is a series of training and engagement workshops that supports women living with HIV to deepen their feminist analysis and build their advocacy skills over time, and importantly develop and implement their own feminist projects. Once a woman living with HIV completes the first phase she can, if she chooses, move on to the next phase and develop her skills further. It builds on the ICW Southern Africa (2014) and Asia Pacific Feminist Schools (2015), and the ICW Feminist Movement Building Workshops (2014). 


We strongly believe in the power of women living with HIV and collective consciousness raising. The Feminist School was developed as a feminist consciousness raising tool for networks of women living with HIV, but it is a highly adaptable program with universal lessons that can be used for a wide range of skills levels at the local, national and regional levels and for a variety of feminists.

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Doreen Moraa Moracha, ICW Feminist School, Kenya, 2022

Interested in leading a feminist school in your network?

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The ICW Feminist School Toolkit

That’s Why I’m a Feminist Workshop

This is the first workshop in the Feminist School series. That’s Why I’m a Feminist introduces participants to some of the basic concepts of feminism and has participants relate them to their own personal and country experiences.

ICW Feminist School: Leadership, Advocacy and Movement Building Workshop

This hands-on, highly participatory workshop focuses on grassroots country network development and raises consciousness about feminist theories, gender-inequalities, different types of power and their own network’s ability to improve the sexual and reproductive rights (SRHR) of women and girls.

ICW Communications and Advocacy Program (also known as the Young Advocates Media Program)

First implemented in 2016 for AIDS 2016 in Durban, South Africa, the Young Advocates Media Program has become one of the cornerstone programs for the Chapter for Young Women, Adolescents and Girls. It is an 8-week, virtual training program focused on developing the social media and communication skills of young advocates.

The Mini Feminist Advocacy Campaign Workshop

This is a 4-part virtual series to develop and implement an advocacy campaign over the course of one month. Each week participants engage in a short presentation then activity engage in the co-creation of an advocacy campaign for the conceptualization to implementation.

This is a 4-part peer training on emotional intelligence with a focus on feminist self-care, development of soft skills for leadership and formulation of innovative proposals for young women with HIV. It is led by the ICW Latina CYWAG.

Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS School of Feminism

This 4-day workshop focuses on the development of leadership and activist potential of women, living with HIV and women from key populations through feminist vision and gender theory in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It was developed based on the concepts of the ICW Feminist School in 2018.

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