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Stigma Index

Strengthening  Gender Analysis in the Stigma Index

ICW is a proud founding member of the People Living with HIV Stigma Index along with our partners GNP+, UNAIDS and IPPF.  


From its inception, ICW has pushed for greater involvement of networks of women living with HIV in SI implementations, and for this reason, our members have participated over time in previous iterations and national implementations of the Stigma Index in a variety of ways. 


As a result, ICW have developed a robust knowledge of the challenges facing networks implementing the Stigma Index in general, but particularly we have insight into the unique challenges facing networks of women. Importantly, we have singular expertise in the way women living with HIV and networks of women living with HIV can be marginalized and sidelined within the HIV response. 

SI poster AIDS 2022

People Living with HIV Stigma Index 2.0

The PLHIV Stigma Index was first launched in 2008. Ten years later, in 2018, a new version of the tool was launched, reflecting changes in the HIV epidemic and the global response. In 2020, a standardized methodology was developed  that all implementations are expected to follow.

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GESI Training

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