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Strengthening  Engagement  in WHO Validation

Strengthening the Engagement of Women Living with HIV
WHO Validation of Elimination of Vertical Transmission of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B

ICW has played an essential role in the evolution of the WHO’s Elimination of Vertical Transmission of HIV and Syphilis validation processes starting with leading a consultative process, commissioned by WHO, to develop an first of its kind Human Rights, Gender Equality and Community Engagement (HR, GE, CE) Tool in 2014.


Since validations began, ICW, and our allies have been advocating to strengthen the human rights, gender equity components and community engagement  in validation processes. We  advocate for:

  • meaningful engagement of women living with HIV and robust community engagement in validation processes at national, regional and global levels, and,

  • the realization of the validation processes as a human rights accountability mechanism as well as an opportunity for effective dialogue around local human rights and gender equality concerns within prevention of vertical transmission services. 

ICW offers training and technical assistance for networks of women living with HIV who want to participate in efforts at country level to apply for validation and guidance and advice to Ministries of Health who seek to meaningfully engage networks in the validation process. For more information contact us.


Is your country planning to apply for validation of vertical transmission of HIV, syphilis or hepatitis B? Get involved! 


Read more about the process:

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