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Confronting Coercion: Increasing Accountability for SRHR violations.

Commission on the Status of Women Parallel Event

This panel discussion was led by the International Community of Women Living with HIV, we explored evolving strategies to increase accountability for women living with HIV who have experienced violations of their SRHR and we will present preliminary findings of our global scan. As well as, strategies to enhance human rights knowledge amongst women living with HIV and key populations and discuss how research and technology can be better harnessed to enhance rights knowledge as well as monitoring human rights abuses.

ICW and its sister networks of women living with HIV have been at the forefront of efforts to confront reproductive coercion, particularly forced and coerced sterilization. Commencing with the first identification of the project ICW’s sister network the Namibian Women’s Health Network first drew broad attention to the issue and including serving as an interested party in the litigation in Kenya, the case ICW and partners brought before the Commission on Gender Equality as well as support for countries working to document this practice and strengthen avenues to justice.


  • Eugenia Lopez Uribe, IPPF ACRO

  • Emma Bell, Research Consultant

  • Mariana Iacono, ICW Latina

  • Rosa Gonzalez, Llaves Foundation

  • Patricia Asero, ICW Kenya

  • Baby Rivona, IPPI

Co - Facilitators.

  • Kimberly Springer, ICW Caribbean

  • Sophie Brion, ICW Global

This recording gives you access to interpretations in Français, Español and English + closed captions

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