Our Leadership

The International Steering Committee (ISC) is the governing body for ICW. Currently, we have an interim ISC and a Rebuilding Working Group comprised of staff and governance representatives to help guide the organization through a process of transition and governance evolution.

Olena Stryzhak

ISC Chair, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Ruth Linares

ISC Vice Chair, Latin America

Norlela Mokhtar

ISC Member, Asia Pacific

Diana Weekes

Rebuilding Working Group Member, ICW Caribbean

Souhalia Bensaid

ISC Member, Middle East and North Africa

Rita Wahab

MENA Rosa Regional Coordinator

Sita Shahi

Regional Coordinator, ICW Asia Pacific

Lillian Mworeko

Regional Exective Director, ICW Eastern Africa

Assumpta Reginald

Regional Coordinator, ICW West Africa

Martha Cameron

Regional Coordinator, ICW North America

Svitlana Moroz

Regional Coordinator, Eurasian Women's Network on AIDS

Charity Mkona

ISC Member, Southern Africa

Sharon Mashamba

Regional Coordinator, ICW Southern Africa

Francine Nganhale

Regional Coordinator, ICW Central Africa

Hilda Esquivel

ISC Member, Latin America

Zhynya Mayilyan

ISC, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Kenole Leinatsela

Rebuilding Working Group Member, ICW Botswana

Sophie Brion

Rebuilding Working Group Member, Consultant

Jessica Whitbread

Rebuilding Working Group Member, Consultant