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Feminist Movement Building

Our Understanding of Feminism

ICW believes in the full political, economic, personal, and social  equality of the sexes. ICW takes an intersectional approach to feminism that reflects the diverse identities and lived experiences of women living with HIV. Our feminism rejects the gender binary and is trans-inclusive.

Our feminist movement build program works with women to build their consciousness, and awareness of systematic gender oppression though workshops, campaigns, and resources. 

We engage through our ICW Feminist School: Leadership, Advocacy and Movement Building, the #GenderMatters Series and supporting communities to engage in CEDAW processes. 

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Building a Movement Through Moving Our Bodies

ICW hosted an event during the annual #LovePositiveWomen global holiday bringing together over 125 women living with HIV and our friends in over 15 countries to dance and shake it out. Here is the link in case you missed it and/or need to feel the power that was on our collective dance floor during Your LOVE Keeps Lifting Us Higher. Thank you DJ Cozmic Cat

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