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About ICW

Established in 1992, ICW is the only global network for and by women living with HIV advocating for our rights. 

ICW envisions a world where all women living with HIV live free of gender oppression, realizing and claiming our full rights inclusive of sexual, reproductive, legal, social, economic and health rights.

ICW exists to lead efforts to secure and improve the quality of life for women living with HIV.  We do this by mobilizing, organizing, advocating, mentoring and raising consciousness on the issues and policies that directly impact our lives.

All self-identified women living with HIV are encouraged to join ICW as members. 





Impact Towards Change

We want to impact the world by ensuring that women living with HIV live free of gender oppression, enjoy our human rights and better health, inclusion and social wellbeing.

Feminist Movement Building

Building Feminist Futures

Our feminist movement build program works with women to build their consciousness, and awareness of systematic gender oppression though workshops, campaigns, and resources. 

Knowledge Creation

Documenting Our Experience

We believe that women living with HIV are the experts in their own experience and therefore it is essential for them to lead, share and generate the creation of knowledge including research.

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Networks of people living with HIV plug the gap in essential services as weak health systems struggle to cope with COVID-19

As health systems the world over are buckling under the pressure of COVID-19, volunteers and activists from the HIV movement have stepped in to ensure that essential services continue. A survey by GNP+, ICW and Y+ Global has found that networks of people living with HIV are using innovative ways to ensure their peers and their communities continue to have access to the critical services that they need.

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